Election of State Employee Representatives to the Board of Trustees of the Tennessee Consolidated Retirement System Feb 10, 2022 - A memo to non-faculty employees of the University of Tennessee participating in TCRS.
Direct Deposit Change Requirement Feb 9, 2022 - The UT System is constantly working to further improve the security of direct deposit and combat the ever-increasing number of fraudulent attempts to bank accounts.
2022 Annual Enrollment begins Oct. 1 Sep 29, 2021 - Each year, annual enrollment is your chance to choose benefits or make benefit changes that will be effective Jan. 1. The annual enrollment period for calendar year 2022 coverage is from Oct. 1 - Oct. 15.
FY 2020-21 Non-Recurring Salary Pool Appropriations and Salary Plan Jun 1, 2021 - The state budget office has provided the figures for the FY21 portion of the salary pools. These are non-recurring appropriations to fund a 2% salary pool for the period of Jan. 1 to June 30, 2021 (the equivalent of a 1% pool). These funds will be added to our FY21 appropriations and included in our … Continued
Health Insurance Premium-Free Holiday May 4, 2021 - The State Insurance Committee approved a medical premium holiday for June 2021. The medical portion of your group insurance premium will not be deducted from the first biweekly payroll on May 18 and the May monthly payroll (meaning, you will not be required to pay the May premium for that month).
Enroll in the 2020 – 2021 Flexible Benefits Program Sep 25, 2020 - The enrollment period for the University of Tennessee’s Flexible Benefits program is from Oct. 1 to Oct. 31. For calendar year 2021, Optum Bank will manage the medical, limited purpose and dependent care programs.
Temporary benefit changes responding to COVID-19 Mar 27, 2020 - From March 17 – May 31, 2020, Tennessee state and higher education health plan members won’t pay for Telehealth visits when they use carrier-sponsored Telehealth programs, even if the visit if for something other than COVID-19.
Updated: Coronavirus COVID-19 Benefits (Insurance and Pharmacy) Mar 18, 2020 - On March 17, The State Group Insurance Program received approval from the State, Local Education and Local Government Insurance Committees to waive member cost-sharing for in-network COVID-19 testing and in-network outpatient visits associated with this test.
Calendar Year 2018 Wellness Program Update Jun 14, 2018 - The prolonged litigation affecting the State of Tennessee wellness program has ended. However, because of the time it takes to complete the contract award process and implement the contract, we will be unable to operate a wellness program in 2018. What that means for insurance members is that we will not have any wellness services in 2018. This includes the cash incentive that state and higher education members could earn for completing wellness activities. As soon as we have a target start date for the 2019 program, we will share that information. Please not that this will not affect 2018 premiums because the wellness program and the plan selection are unrelated.
Review Tax Withholding Amounts to Avoid Surprises Next Tax Season Mar 9, 2018 - Following passage of federal tax reform legislation in December 2017, all employees are encouraged to review their tax withholding amounts to avoid having too much or too little taken from their paychecks based on the new rates and tax brackets.
UT Medical Center and State Insurance Plans Oct 22, 2015 - Regardless of which insurance plan or insurance carrier (Cigna or BlueCross) you selected for 2016, UT Medical Center and affiliated physicians will be in-network for UT employees and all other state of Tennessee plan members.
Employee Contributions for Health Savings Account Oct 14, 2015 - With the Health Savings CDHP insurance option, employees may set aside funds tax-free (in addition to the State contribution for Wellness participants) to pay for qualified medical, dental, and vision expenses. These funds will be deducted from your paychecks in 2016 and can be started, changed, or stopped at anytime by completing the Health Savings Account Authorization Form and returning it to the Payroll Office.
Same-Sex Marriage and Insurance Eligibility Jul 8, 2015 - As a result of the Supreme Court decision and associated change in the State of Tennessee insurance eligibility rules, the University of Tennessee can now accept and process insurance applications from same-sex married couples. This change applies to all eligible UT faculty and staff.
First Tennessee PayCard Solution Mar 18, 2015 - University of Tennessee employees are required to participate in Direct Deposit. A new option for employees is the First Tennessee PayCard.
Important Information About Changes to Paychecks Jan 3, 2013 - Even with the American Taxpayer Relief Act, you will see more taxes deducted from your paycheck starting in January 2013.
Graduate Fee Waiver Taxation Feb 23, 2012 - In October of 2010, the Internal Revenue Service issued guidance clarifying the federal income tax treatment of graduate tuition waivers provided by educational institutions.
Online W-2 forms now available Jan 23, 2012 - Your W-2 (Employee Wage and Tax Statement) form for tax year 2011 is now available online. You will also be receiving a paper W-2 form by the end of January. If you do not receive this paper form, or need to re-print it for any reason, you may now do so by visiting the site listed below. In addition to tax year 2011, you may view, print, and download W-2 forms for any year back to 2002.
Regular Employee Graduate Fee Waiver Taxation Dec 20, 2011 - In October of 2010, the Internal Revenue Service issued guidance clarifying the federal income tax treatment of graduate tuition waivers provided by educational institutions.
Employee Holdback Processing Dec 7, 2010 - The employee holdback for biweekly payrolls is designed to help employees manage the cash flow from their paychecks by helping to equalize the net pay between the first and second paychecks of the month.
Premium Holiday Announced Oct 15, 2009 - The State of Tennessee Office of Benefits Administration has announced a premium holiday for December 2009 and January 2010 Medical Insurance Premiums.
Group Insurance Dependent Audit Jul 10, 2009 - The Insurance Committees of the State of Tennessee instructed the State Benefits Administration Office to verify the eligibility of spouses and other dependents enrolled in the group insurance program.
Implementation of Online Pay Statements May 29, 2009 - After a transition period in July, the University-Wide Administration Payroll Office will cease the distribution of printed pay statements for employees and the distribution of check registers to departments effective August 1. For more information on how to view your pay statements online, please refer to our Online Pay Statements page.
Tobacco Use Surcharge for 2010 May 29, 2009 - The House voted on Thursday, May 12, 2009, to approve legislation that would delay the implementation of the Tobacco Use Surcharge until 2011.
Payroll Tax Withholding Changes Mar 11, 2009 - New tax withholding tables have been issued that will reduce the amount of federal income tax deducted from employee's pay.
Insurance Changes Dec 8, 2008 - The State Insurance committee announced changes to calendar year 2009 insurance coverage for University of Tennessee employees.