Election of State Employee Representatives to the Board of Trustees of the Tennessee Consolidated Retirement System

Category: Retirement

State employees elect two representatives to serve as members of the Board of Trustees of the Tennessee Consolidated Retirement System for a three-year term.

New terms of office begin on July 1, 2022. An election will be held immediately to elect two representatives. Each candidate must meet the following requirements:

  1. Candidate must be a State employee and be fully vested in the retirement system to serve as a member of the Board of Trustees. Any candidate with questions regarding vesting status may contact the retirement system.
  2. Employees who serve in any of the departments represented by ex-officio members are not qualified for candidacy. Those Departments represented by ex-officio members are: Judicial, Comptroller of the Treasury, Treasury, Finance and Administration, Human Resources, and Secretary of State.
  3. Faculty of state colleges and universities are not eligible to run as state employee representatives or to vote in the election. Faculty members are represented in the teacher group. In accordance with state law, these representatives are selected by the Speakers of the House and Senate.
  4. A qualifying petition signed by at least 25 state employees who are TCRS members and who recommend the candidacy of the petitioner must be filed with the Division of Retirement.
  5. Each applicant is requested to submit a brief resume including such information as education, work history, state service, etc. A resume form will be attached to each qualifying petition.
  6. The qualifying petition must be returned to the Division of Retirement by 4:30 p.m., Wednesday, March 2, 2022. Watch your email for voting ballots in May.

Members interested in having their name placed on the official ballot may obtain qualifying petitions from the TCRS, on our website https://treasury.tn.gov/Retirement/Boards-and-Governance/TCRS-Board-of-Trustees or by calling Sarah Simpson at 615-253-6152.


View the original memo (PDF) from Jamie Wyman, director of TCRS.