Tennessee Consolidated Retirement System (TCRS)

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TCRS Legacy is a “defined benefit” plan, which means the amount of retirement is determined by a formula rather than an account balance. Benefits are determined using the member’s highest five-year average salary and years of service. TCRS Hybrid has a defined benefit portion and a defined contribution portion (employer contribution to the 401k).

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  • Hybrid (TCRS-H/401-H) (For employees hired after July 1, 2014)
    • Employer contribution is 4 percent of compensation to TCRS account and 5 percent to the 401k.
    • Mandatory employee contribution is 5 percent of compensation
  • Legacy (TCRS) (For employees hired Before July 1, 2014)
    • No mandatory employee contribution

Manage Your TCRS Account Online

TCRS has introduced a new online self-service feature, allowing members to:

  • Update contact information after retirement
  • View account history
  • Retrieve annual statements
  • Maintain beneficiary information
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Optional Retirement Program (ORP)



The ORP is a “defined contribution” retirement plan, which means the amount of retirement benefits will be determined by the member’s account balance. Vendors in the ORP are:

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  • Legacy Plan (For employees hired before July 1, 2014)
    • Employer contribution is 10 percent of compensation up to the Social Security wage base and 11 percent of compensation above the Social Security wage base
    • No mandatory employee contribution
    • ORP Legacy Plan Comparison Chart

Manage Your ORP Account Online:

ORP Contact List

TIAA Contacts
Speak with a Representative 800-842-2776
Automated Telephone Service 800-842-2252
Schedule an In-Office Appointment 800-732-8353
UT Contacts
East Tennessee William Sadler 704-988-5102
Central Tennessee Austin Jefferson 615-783-2956
West Tennessee Brian Nanney (Memphis) 901-801-6206
VALIC Contacts
Customer Care Center 800-448-2542 or 888-568-2542
UT Contacts
Knoxville Area Andrew Craft 865-291-5130
Knoxville Area Arie Buer 865-312-9659
Chattanooga and Tullahoma Celeste Friend 423-227-0281
Martin Justin Howell 731-668-9818 (phone), 731-664-7988 (fax)
Memphis Scot Brothers 901-268-6345
VOYA Contacts
Customer Service 800-525-4225
UT Contacts
Knoxville William “Bill” Rutter (Primary) 865-599-0344 (phone), 865-966-9453 (fax)
Nashville Julie Chambers 615-556-6135 (phone), 615-535-3075 (fax)
Chattanooga Ed Stewart 615-627-5936 (phone), 615-244-7182 (fax)
Martin Brad Little 731-668-9818 (phone), 731-664-7988 (fax)
Martin Steve Little 731-668-9818 (phone), 731-664-7988 (fax)
Memphis Calvin Reed 901-853-8421
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Closed Retirement Programs

Joint Contributory Retirement System (JCRS)

(Closed since 7/1/77)

If you were a member of TIAA-CREF (the only retirement plan available) on June 30, 1977, you are a member of the Joint Contributory Retirement System (JCRS). JCRS has been closed since July 1, 1977. JCRS provides a benefit from the Optional Retirement Plan (ORP) company with the possibility of a state component.

To determine if a participant will receive a state benefit, it will be necessary to perform the Tennessee Consolidated Retirement System formula, then apply a hypothetical offset to the state formula benefit. The formula benefit and offset are individually specific. To request an estimate of benefits, please contact 888-444-UTHR (8847) statewide or Knox area 865-946-UTHR (8847).

Civil Service Retirement System (CSRS)

(Closed since 12/31/83)

CSRS Information

Federal Employees Retirement System (FERS)

(Closed to UT employees since 01/01/02)

FERS Information

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