Tennessee Consolidated Retirement System (TCRS)

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TCRS Legacy is a “defined benefit” plan, which means the amount of retirement is determined by a formula rather than an account balance. Benefits are determined using the member’s highest five-year average salary and years of service. TCRS Hybrid has a defined benefit portion and a defined contribution portion (employer contribution to the 401k).

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  • Hybrid (TCRS-H/401-H) (For employees hired after July 1, 2014)
    • Employer contribution is 4 percent of compensation to TCRS account and 5 percent to the 401k.
    • Mandatory employee contribution is 5 percent of compensation
  • Legacy (TCRS) (For employees hired Before July 1, 2014)
    • No mandatory employee contribution

Manage Your TCRS Account Online

TCRS has introduced a new online self-service feature, allowing members to:

  • Update contact information after retirement
  • View account history
  • Retrieve annual statements
  • Maintain beneficiary information
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Optional Retirement Program (ORP)



The ORP is a “defined contribution” retirement plan, which means the amount of retirement benefits will be determined by the member’s account balance. Vendors in the ORP are:

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  • Legacy Plan (For employees hired before July 1, 2014)
    • Employer contribution is 10 percent of compensation up to the Social Security wage base and 11 percent of compensation above the Social Security wage base
    • No mandatory employee contribution
    • ORP Legacy Plan Comparison Chart

Manage Your ORP Account Online:

ORP Contact List

TIAA Contacts
Speak with a Representative 800-842-2776
Automated Telephone Service 800-842-2252
Schedule an In-Office Appointment 800-732-8353
UT Contacts
East Tennessee Timothy Tubbs 865-347-5011 Timothy.Tubbs@tiaa.org
Central Tennessee Timothy Tubbs
Rosaline Banks
West Tennessee Rosaline Banks 901-498-6165 Rosaline.Banks@tiaa.org
State Wide (Virtual) Austin Jefferson
Sandy Couch
Will Sadler
VOYA Contacts
Customer Service 800-525-4225
UT Contacts
Knoxville William “Bill” Rutter 865-599-0344 William.Rutter@voyafa.com
Southern Ed Stewart 615-624-5936 (office), 615-604-3819 (cell) Ed.Stewart@voyafa.com
Martin Justin Howell 731-668-9818 (office), 731-426-4426 (cell) Jhowell@voyafa.com
Memphis Calvin Reid 901-496-2741 Calvin.Reid@voyafa.com
Chattanooga & Tullahoma Celeste Friend 423-777-1591 Celeste.Friend@voyafa.com
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Changes to the ORP and 403b Plans

The state made changes to the ORP and 403B plans. You can find information about these changes on the state’s website at ORP Transition. There is contact information for vendors and documentation regarding the changes.

Closed Retirement Programs

Closed Vendor

AIG (VALIC) is no longer a vendor for the ORP or 403b plan.

AIG Contacts
Customer Care Center 800-448-2542 or 888-568-2542
UT Contacts
Knoxville Area Andrew Craft 865-291-5130 andrew.craft@aigretirement.com
Knoxville Area Arie Buer 865-312-9659 Arie.Buer@valic.com
Memphis Scot Brothers 901-268-6345 barry.scot.brothers@aigretirement.com

Joint Contributory Retirement System (JCRS)

(Closed since 7/1/77)

If you were a member of TIAA-CREF (the only retirement plan available) on June 30, 1977, you are a member of the Joint Contributory Retirement System (JCRS). JCRS has been closed since July 1, 1977. JCRS provides a benefit from the Optional Retirement Plan (ORP) company with the possibility of a state component.

To determine if a participant will receive a state benefit, it will be necessary to perform the Tennessee Consolidated Retirement System formula, then apply a hypothetical offset to the state formula benefit. The formula benefit and offset are individually specific. To request an estimate of benefits, please contact 888-444-UTHR (8847) statewide or Knox area 865-946-UTHR (8847).

Civil Service Retirement System (CSRS)

(Closed since 12/31/83)

CSRS Information

Federal Employees Retirement System (FERS)

(Closed to UT employees since 01/01/02)

FERS Information

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