A. Introduction

IRIS reports have been developed to help both central office and departmental users retrieve information from the human resources system. These reports can be found under the IRIS Reporting->Human Resources tree structure on the main IRIS menu. Access to these reports requires proper security and only displays those employees for whom the requester has authority to view.

Detailed information regarding these reports is available from iris.tennesseee.edu


B. Benefits

ZPR_BEN_STATE – Personalized Benefits Statement
Produces a benefits statement for employees. Information includes total compensation, leave balances, and a summary of the optional benefits selected by the employee.


C. Effort Certification

ZECR_DISP – Display Effort Certification
Displays the status of Effort Certification approvals (Approved, Entered for Approval, or Entered-No PR Upd).

ZECR_HIS – Display Effort History
Displays all effort periods for an employee that have been certified.

ZPR_ECR_UNCERTIFIED – ECR Uncertified Effort Report
Lists employees who have effort to be certified.


D. Organizational Management

ZQR_DEPT_POS – Department List Of Positions
Lists positions assigned to an organizational unit. This report may also be used to retrieve a list of an organizational unit’s obsolete positions.

ZQR_JOB_TITLES – List of Job Titles with Attributes
Lists available university job titles and their attributes.


E. Payroll

ZQR_EXTRA_PAY – Additional Pay List
Displays a list of employees who received additional pay during a designated time period.

ZPR_DETAIL_CHECK_REG – Detailed Check Register
Displays total and net pay. This report is separated into monthly and biweekly payroll cycles. A signed copy of this report must be retained in the department for one year.

ZPR_DISTDATES – Employee CC/WBS Date Report
Displays complete distribution information, including start and end dates. This report may be used to identify when grants are ending and employee changes to 2SNP status.

ZPR_CC_WBS_DIST – Payroll Distribution Report
Details the detailed charges generated by the payroll postings. This report should be used to reconcile departmental ledgers.

ZQR_RECUR_PAY – Recurring Pay List
Displays a list of employees who received recurring pay during a designated time period.

ZPR_PAYENCUMB_DETAIL – Payroll Encumbrance Detail Report

ZPR_PAYENCUMB_PROJEC – Payroll Encumbrance Projection Report
Displays the future expected payments of a specified encumbrance date. This report will reflect any changes made for encumbrances up to the time the report is submitted.

PC00_M10_CEDT – Remuneration Statement
Reprints the stub portion of an employee’s paycheck/advice.

ZQR_NOT_PAID – EE’s Not Paid During the Year
Prints employees who did not receive pay during the specified time period. Many of these employees need to be terminated from the University’s payroll.


F. Personnel Management

ZQR_DEPT_LIST – Department List Of Employees
Lists employees assigned to a cost center or who have received scheduled pay from a cost center or WBS element. May also be used to produce a departmental mailing list or birthday list.


G. Salary Budget

ZBUD_EMP_SALARY – Employee Salary Report
Displays employee budget information, including annualized salary.


H. Time Management

PT90_ATT – Attendances: Calendar View
Displays an employee’s absences and/or attendances for a specific time period. This report shows the daily hours.

Displays time entered for an employee organizational unit for a time period.

ZQR_LEAVE_BALANCES – Leave Balances by Distribution Account
Displays an employee’s annual leave, sick leave, compensatory time. and personal leave (if applicable) balances in hours by distribution account. Also displayed is the longevity obligation in dollars for each account from which the employee is paid.

ZPR_QUOTA_REPORT – Displays to date leave balances for an employee. The results of this report are dependent upon the date entered.

PT50 – Quota Overview
Displays an employee’s annual leave, sick leave, and personal leave day (if applicable) balances. This report may also be used to view an employee’s monthly accrual rate.

ZCATRPT – Displays the number of hours entered for employees who have hours and pay from a specific cost center or WBS element. Employees who are in positions in other departments but paid from the selected funding source will be displayed.

ZCATRPT2 – Report of Scheduled Hours Entered
Displays the number of hours entered for employees who have scheduled hours and pay from a specified cost center or WBS element. This report does not include employees who are paid occasionally from the cost center or WBS element. In addition to showing the released, approved, or rejected hours, ZCATRPT2 also shows Hours Changed After Approval.

CADO – Time Sheet Data by Personnel Number
Displays time entered for an employee. This report may be used to check where the entered time is in the approval process.