The University of Tennessee System requires all employees to receive their pay by direct deposit. The benefits provided by direct deposit are convenience, timeliness and security. Checks sent through the mail are subject to being delayed, lost or stolen.

The UT System is constantly working to further improve the security of direct deposit and combat the ever-increasing number of fraudulent attempts to bank accounts. In order to comply with new security measures, the UT System will immediately require that setting up and changing direct deposit bank information be made through the self-service portion of the IRIS portal or the secure web site.

Both sites require the use of dual factor authentication. Campus information regarding dual factor authentication can be found at:

Once signed into the web application, select the correct payroll cycle. Enter the bank routing number and account number of the primary account, reenter the primary bank account number, select a checking/savings preference and upload a picture or pdf of a cancelled check or letter from the bank verifying the account number. If you wish to change the secondary account or travel bank, enter the primary account details and enter the secondary and/or travel bank details and upload the required information.

All changes made by entry deadline for your pay cycle will be effective for that payday.


Frequently Asked Questions

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The first pay period after the Payroll Department receives your direct deposit authorization form.
The first pay period after the Payroll Department receives your direct deposit authorization form.
On your payday. Funds will not be available prior to that date.
If you change your bank or bank account, you must complete a new authorization form as soon as possible. The change will be effective with your next payroll.
Yes. You may choose to deposit your pay into any type of account.
Yes. You may elect to deposit your pay into two different accounts and/or financial institutions.
If you choose to direct deposit into two accounts, you must designate one account as your primary account and the other as secondary. The secondary account will require a fixed dollar amount. Your pay will be split into the two accounts with the fixed dollar amount deposited into the secondary account and all remaining pay deposited to the primary account. If your net pay is less than the fixed dollar amount, all of the net pay will be deposited into the secondary account.
No. You may direct deposit into a checking and a savings account, two checking accounts, two savings accounts, etc. The choice is up to you.
Unless you have completed the Travel Reimbursement section of this form, travel reimbursements will be deposited into your Primary Account. If you wish to have these funds deposited into a different account, you should complete the Travel Reimbursement section of the enrollment form.


Please contact your campus Payroll Office if you have any additional questions, or if you need any assistance in enrolling in the program.