CountryMaximum PresenceAmountArticleComments
Armenia5 years$10,000VI (1)a
Azerbaijan5 years$10,000VI (1)a
BangladeshNo limitNo limit21 (2)
Belarus5 years$10,000VI (1)a
Belgium5 yearsNo limit21 (1)
ChinaNo limitNo limit20 (b)b
Cyprus5 yearsNo limit21 (1)
Czech Republic5 yearsNo limit21 (1)
Egypt5 yearsNo limit23 (1)
Estonia5 yearsNo limit20 (1)
France5 yearsNo limit21 (1)
Georgia5 yearsNo limitVI (1)a
GermanyNo limitNo limit20 (3)
Iceland5 yearsNo limit22 (1)
Indonesia5 yearsNo limit19 (1)
Kazakhstan5 yearsNo limit19
Republic of Korea5 yearsNo limit21 (1)
Latvia5 yearsNo limit20 (1)
Lithuania5 yearsNo limit20 (1)
Moldova5 years$10,000VI (1)a
Netherlands3 yearsNo limit22 (2)
Philippines5 yearsNo limit22 (1)
Poland5 yearsNo limit18 (1)
Portugal5 yearsNo limit23 (1)
Romania5 yearsNo limit20 (1)
Russia5 yearsNo limit18
Slovak Republic5 yearsNo limit21 (1)
Slovenia5 yearsNo limit20 (1)
Spain5 yearsNo limit22 (1)
Tajikistan5 years$10,000VI (1)a
Thailand5 yearsNo limit22(1)
Trinidad & Tobago5 yearsNo limit19 (1)
Tunisia5 yearsNo limit20
Turkmenistan5 years$10,000VI (1)a
Ukraine5 yearsNo limit20
Uzbekistan5 years$10,000VI (1)
Venezuela5 yearsNo limit21 (1)c



scholarship/grant amounts up to $10,000 received from United States sources to provide ordinary living expenses are also exempt



does not include Hong Kong



students continuing on for graduate level studies may continue to claim treaty benefits for the additional time needed to complete the degree requirements