On-Line Pay Statements 

As part of the university's efforts to reduce costs, effective August 1, 2009, employees will no longer receive paper copies of pay statements.  The on-line pay statement includes all of the information previously received on paper pay statements.  Employees can view, print, email and/or download their current pay statement as well as pay statements from the previous three years.
In order to access an on-line pay statement, employees must log in using their university NetID and password.  For assistance with NetID or password, click on the NetID/Password Information link on the left side of this page.


An email notification will be sent to the employee's NetID@tennessee.edu email address on the day prior to a pay date.  This is a reminder that the on-line pay statement is available for viewing.  Employees not receiving the email notification is an indication the employee does not have a valid university email address.  Employees who want to receive these email notifications as a reminder that their on-line pay statement is ready to be viewed must establish a NetID@tennessee.edu email account and route it to a valid email address of choice.  For assistance setting up an email account, employees should contact their campus help desk.


Links on this page should answer most questions concerning on-line pay statements.  If additional assistance is needed, employees should contact their campus help desk. 

Campus Help Desk Contact Numbers:

UT Chattanooga

(423) 425-4000

Knoxville Area

(865) 974-9900

UT Martin

(731) 881-7900


(901) 448-2222

UT Space Institute

(931) 393-7205