Retirement marks a new phase of your life. If you plan to retire within the next 6 months, contact your HR office or Benefits and Retirement Services to request a personal counseling session.

Following are some quick references.

Retirement Plans


Other UT Benefits

  • TCRS, JCRS, ORP, CSRS, FERS: Complete your campus form to continue your NetID or email address with the University of Tennessee.
  • Speak with your campus or institute HR retirement contact to confirm what benefits continue for retirees. Some differ by campus or institute.

Other Insurance Matters

  • If older than 65, go to your local Social Security office two to three months prior to retirement to sign up for Medicare.
    • Contact your campus HR office for the Request for Employment Information CMS-L564 form or pick up this form from the Social Security office and have it completed by your campus HR office. This form qualifies your late enrollment into Medicare under its Special Enrollment Provision without penalties.

Other Monetary Matters

  • Complete and mail forms to your deferred compensation providers.
    • You are not required to move these funds but will be required by the IRS to do a minimum distribution once you have left UT and are age 70 ½.
    • Ask Empower Retirement for the Distribution/Direct Rollover Request form. It must be completed to start receiving funds (partial or total withdrawal) or to transfer funds to another account.
    • 401(k) – Empower Retirement (#98986-02) @ 800-922-7772
    • 457(b) – Empower Retirement (#98986-01) @ 800-922-7772
    • Complete and mail form to 403b provider to withdraw/transfer/begin benefit from the 403(b) funds.
    • VOYA – (#VT0057) 866-776-6704
    • TIAA – (#102587) 800-842-2252
    • Thrift Saving Program (TSP): @ TSP-YOU-FRST (877-968-3778)
  • For total or partial lump sum withdrawals or rollovers from your 401(k) and/or 457 plan, please contact Empower Retirement at 800-922-7772 option 2.
  • For retirees older than age 70 ½ who wish to set up future withdrawals at the IRS permitted minimum levels, please complete and submit the applicable form available at
  • Additional forms for retirees include can be found at Empower Retirement’s website in your account.
  • To begin your Social Security benefit, contact Social Security (800-772-1213) if you are age 62 or older. You can also do this online.


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