Downloading Forms

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Submitting Forms (choose one)

  • Retirement Services

UT System offices are moving from the UT Knoxville campus to downtown Knoxville. The UT Payroll, Insurance, and Retirement Offices are moving to the UT Tower in mid-April. Once the move has taken place we will              update our address information.


Tennessee Consolidated Retirement System (TCRS/TCRS Hybrid)

Annual Statement TCRS

For all forms and reviewing your salary and service reported to TCRS.

Exempt Employee TCRS Enrollment Forms

  1. Notice of Election to Participate Form (REQUIRED)
  2. TCRS Beneficiary Form (OPTIONAL)

Optional Retirement Program (ORP/ORP Hybrid)

Exempt Employee ORP Enrollment Forms/Information

  1. Notice of Election to Participate Form [PDF]
  2. Enroll with an ORP Company
  3. UT Premium Distribution Form [PDF]

Retiring from UT

Continuation of NetID and Email Account in Retirement

For UTK, UTSA, UTIA, or IPS retiring faculty (with 10+ years of service) to retain their email and NetID they must complete the Email Retention Form. If you do not request to have your account retained, Knoxville-area faculty and staff will retain UT Microsoft 365 and Google accounts for 30 days after leaving the university. Access to other NetID services, such as MyIRIS and online pay statements, will remain available for 365 days after leaving UT. If you have further questions, please call the OIT HelpDesk at (865) 974-9900. More information can be found in an OIT article.


Post Retirement Agreement

For rehiring retiring faculty.