FY 2020-21 Non-Recurring Salary Pool Appropriations and Salary Plan

Category: Announcements

The state budget office has provided the figures for the FY21 portion of the salary pools. These are non-recurring appropriations to fund a 2% salary pool for the period of Jan. 1 to June 30, 2021 (the equivalent of a 1% pool). These funds will be added to our FY21 appropriations and included in our final FY21 draw from the state to provide for a general faculty and staff salary increase of 1% across-the-board for full-time and part-time regular staff and faculty who were employed on Jan. 1.

General Guidance and Exclusions

The Payroll Office will centrally institute the process for issuing these across-the-board payments based on current salaries of all eligible employees employed on Jan. 1 for 1HRL and 1REG wage types with exclusions. Self-funded E&G, auxiliaries and restricted funds are required to implement the increase, according to the guidelines, and provide the necessary funds.  The budget office will help to coordinate the appropriate funding sources for a June 17 payout.


This non-recurring salary plan will have the following exclusions:

  • Employees not employed on Jan. 1.
  • Medical residents and interns (employee subgroup 45)
  • Personal service contracts
  • Non-service stipends, fellowships, and trainee payments (not subject to this increase)
  • Employees whose salaries are paid from county funds (county-funded portion only)
  • Non-UT Student Assistants (job class 50910)
  • Employees who are separating from service prior to July 1 (separating on or before July 1 – monthly and August 1-nine month academic and flex-year appointments.)