The University of Tennessee Payroll Manual

I. Introduction
II. Payroll Deadlines
  A. Biweekly
  B. Monthly
  C. Published Calendar of Deadlines
III. Time Entry and Approval Process
  A. Proper Use of Timesheets and Timecards
  B. Timesheet and Timecard Approval and Retention
  C IRIS Entry
  D. IRIS Approval
IV. Additional Pay
  A. Faculty Compensation for Additional Work
  B. Exempt Staff Compensation for Additional Work
  C. Non-Exempt Staff Compensation for Additional Work
V. Payroll Review and Verification
  A. Check Register
  B. Payroll Cost Distribution Report
VI. Taxation
  A. Taxable Income
  B. Federal Income Tax Withholding
  C. Student FICA Exclusion
  D. Re-Employed University Retirees
VII. Non-resident Aliens
  A. Tax Residency
  B. Green Card Test
  C. Substantial Presence Test
  D. Taxes
VIII. IRIS Reporting
A. Benefits
B. Effort Certification
  C. Organizational Management
  D. Payroll
  E. Personnel Management
  F. Salary Budget
  G. Time Management


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